Who we are

We are a mother/daughter team that enjoy children and want to see them come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord, Savior and very best Friend.  We also want to give other followers of Jesus, young and old, the opportunity to share the Gospel with others.   We believe VBS provides a means to do both.   Let me back up and give you some of our history.
     God has richly blessed me to be the mother of six wonderful children - 3 boys and 3 girls.   Each of them has helped and participated in our VBS programs, behind the scenes and in the running of it.   God has often used them  to be my inspiration and the fire that has kept me going.   They have come up with many of the themes and practical workings.  
     We started out in 2000.   Our home church was in it’s beginning stages, meeting in a home.   God had blessed us with a good little group of teenagers, some of them being my older children.   I was burdened to see these teens given the opportunity to minister and serve God and the body of Christ themselves, not just wait to become adults to be “put to use”.   We knew of a small church in western Massachusetts that did not have the manpower to put together or run a VBS program but really wanted to reach out to their community in that way.   We were definitely not in the position to run a VBS program out of a home, so it seemed God was bringing us together.   With the encouragement of my elders and the missionary we supported, and the enthusiasm of the teens in our small church; we went on a “missions trip” to western Massachusetts.   Eleven teens, a dear sister in Christ and my family packed up and stayed at a state campground while we put on our first VBS program.   It was great to see the hard work, enthusiasm and growth in the teens we took to serve.   Some did crafts, some did games, they all put on the skits, one did music and some taught the lessons.   They worked together as a team for God and had fun doing it.   God blessed us with a handful of children and gave us the opportunity to go back the following year as well.
     In 2002 we were in our new church building in Boscawen, NH and we were able to run our first VBS program in our home church.   God blessed us with 5 children and my 2 youngest.   We took that as encouragement to go on and God has richly blessed.   Despite the fact that we are located a couple of miles outside of a very small rural town, God has continued to bring more and more outside children to our VBS program.   Last year we had 75 children ages 5-17.   We have been renting tents to help accommodate the crowd God has given us the opportunity to teach.
People of all ages at our home church work together.   It is incredible to see adults (young, middle-aged and retired) working alongside teens and younger to put VBS on.   We encourage everyone to use the gifts and talents that God has uniquely given them for Him in this endeavor.   The young children of the church are eager to get parts in the skits, help make banners, decorate and invite their friends from school and sports teams.   Teens and adults just as enthusiastically work on crafts, lessons, games, snacks, decoration, advertising, music and more.   I believe there is no end to how a church can use the unique talents and people God has placed there to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   It’s awesome to see God work!
     As for my children, they are now mostly grown up.   Two are married, one of them serving God in Maine, the other still serving God in Boscawen.   Three are in college and my last one is in high school.   God has given a specially strong desire to my 2 youngest daughters to see sound, clear Gospel VBS programs produced.   (The one daughter is responsible for this website, as I’m electronically challenged!)   With much prayer, God’s help and the encouragement of my elders, children, church family and missionary friend; we are at the point of seeking to make our programs available to others.   We pray they are helpful to you in the spread of the Gospel and working together as the body of Christ.